How Did Seized Clothing Co. Come About?

I believe that it's important to share the why or how behind a thing, especially when it's been given to a personal through a spiritual encounter. 

Now the story starts over two years ago when I was praying to The LORD. HE had given me the idea to come out with shirts and hoodies amongst other things. So I designed and began to wear these items. Shortly thereafter, those around me began to take certain sayings and ideas that I had and began to create their our clothing line from it. I became hurt by it and decided not to move forward with what HE had given me. 

Fast forward to the beginning of December 2022, December 4th to be exact. I was in prayer asking GOD what to do. It seemed that after sowing and making sacrifices that things weren't getting better. However, I know that GOD works in mysterious ways and it's not always what it seems. BUT The LORD began to bring back to memory every idea that HE had given me some time ago for my clothing line. 

I began to get discouraged because others had already taken some of my ideas and I remember a boldness came over me and I heard, "Take It Back! Take It By Force!". I was floored! So I began to ask more questions, such as how, when, where, with who, with what, what is the name, etc. And all the answers were being downloaded into me like a computer file. 

The LORD began to deal with me and my own insecurities and fears. HE began to put a burning desire to push and have everything prepared and ready to go by the new year. So what did I do? I got to work.

Through much prayer, fasting, working diligently and late nights, I designed clothing and the site. I built the foundation of the company through research and talking with my advisors and coaches. 

I want to thank everyone for their support in building this brand and giving honor to The LORD Jesus who reigns. None of this could've happened without HIM. 

Welcome to Seized Clothing Co., LLC!

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